Until tonight I never really understood why our churches are so divided. In the last 2 weeks 3 men have been gunned down for one reason or another. This morning another person was shot in the neck at a local gas station. When you simply ask the question, what should the church response be, you get answers that preach real good, but offer no solutions. Do I believe in the power of the word of God? Absolutely, without question, but what bothers me is I am hearing people wanting to have the faith without the works.

The people that have been killed the last few days are related to someone. Someone recently told them they loved them, but now they are in eternity. We live in a city that is the 128th largest city in the US, but according to Forbes Magazine we are the 8th most dangerous city.  Tallahassee, FL is mentioned in the same breathe as Memphis, TN, Flint, MI, and Detroit!

Who fault is it? Who do we blame for the decline of our local society? Elected officials? Local Police? Or is it because there is a continuing decline of fathers in the home or in the very least fathers involved in their kids life?

What is the answer to this issue? What do we do? Yes pray! Yes believe God! Faith without works is dead, not living, unable to work. So what works are we going to do with this issue? What we have been doing is not working, so now what? I don’t have the answers but believe me when I say, I won’t stop until something changes…

Jay Green